Society… Pfft, who gives a damn?


Sometimes, it isn’t a man that changes you. It’s love. Love shapes you, makes you confident. Turns your life upside down.

And in Mona’s case, the love of two men have changed her. Have created this confident, sexy beast intent on having it all and damning the consequences. But there’s always someone to disapprove. Someone who can’t stand anything that goes against the norm…

Is love enough to keep an unorthodox relationship together?


The Simone of old no longer exists.  She’s transmogrified into a woman with whom she can’t reconcile but who she must eventually come to accept.  This new Mona is stronger, sexier and with an innate power that she’s only just coming to understand.  

For Zane, she’s put her very soul on the line.  She’s dragged herself to the outer limits of her principles and has entered uncharted territory.  All for the man who helped form this new creature that calls herself Simone Barranquet. 

But was it worth it?  Is he worthy of her sacrifice? 

And what of Jake?  Is he manipulating her or does he really share the same aspirations? 

When two enemies unite and become allies, the man at the center of the battle is key.  

But will Zane concur?  Is he strong enough to accept them both, to have what he’s never known he’s always wanted?   



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Free Christmas Short – Mona – Deck The Halls With Handsome Hunks


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