Unicorn sighted in Photoshopville

Source: BuzzFeed

Stuff like this really gets on my wick. To all people not originally from Yorkshire, UK, that’s a nice way of saying: it pisses me off.

This industry, the clothing/cosmetics world, exists only because we, women have such crappy self-esteem. How sick is that? It’s a vicious circle, too, because they show us more and more images of perfection and we feel worse and worse so we go out and buy more stuff! I mean, wth? Can you imagine any other industry where this would happen? Why haven’t we boycotted brands that tell us we should be a size 0 otherwise we’re not fit to grace the Earth? Why, instead, have we started to believe the merde they feed us and have let it consume us to the point that, quite frankly, I can’t see a way out.

The consumers, being the majority, should be in control. Yet we’re not. Because of it, we have women, like in this vid, who only feel decent and value themselves after seeing how they would be altered into a completely different human being, if they were a cover model.

Ignore the press. Be happy with yourself. Screw what some corporate jackass in a way-too-high office is manipulating you to think. Perfection is as likely as spotting a unicorn; yeah, you do the math. It ain’t gonna happen. So, love your flaws and embrace them, because they’re not flaws: they’re things that make you unique and not some airbrushed doll.

Love yourself, because sugar, no one else will until you do.

Sorry to preach, but I’m on my soapbox. 😀


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