Marina’s Naughty Nookie Tales are also up for grabs!

Marina Denison causes more havoc than a tropical storm. Her life is complicated, so complex she’s become a danger to herself and those close to her.
Nate Conroy is the man to tame Marina, because if anyone needs de-bratting, it’s Ms. Denison. His methods are unique and are a revelation for Marina. Through him, she comes to terms with a side of her nature she didn’t realize existed.
With a Sir to please, she has no time for mischief, but like a magnet, she attracts it. While a spanking (Several of them!!) has reaped miracles, it doesn’t stop a murderer from running wild or from putting both Sir and princess in peril…
Parts One, Two & Three are #free today!
Grab your copy of A Bitch In Time, Just A Woman & Frustrated Instincts now! 🙂
And the final part of Marina’s Naughty Nookie tale, End Of The Beginning, is as always 99 cents! 🙂

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