Naughty Nookie hiatus but… Just Jack is on the rise!

To the peeps who read this blog, hopefully, you’re aware I’m the writer behind the Naughty Nookie series! 🙂 You might also know that it’s kind of on hiatus. Mona’s and Marina’s stories are complete, but Eddie’s is still hanging and it will be for a while, until my brain ceases to be attacked by other awesome plots! It will be released before the end of the year, that I can promise. Even if I have to sit on a bed of hot coals, Eddie’s story will be completed in 2014! 
As it is, I’ve three different books on the go, each one a part of a series that I intend on developing at some point, but recently, I’ve been besieged by a particular plot idea and the mini-series, Just Jack, was born! 
Once complete, I’ll be releasing a part every week on Smashwords! 🙂
Each one is a short story, of around 5000 or so words, that follows the complex relationship between Jack & Layla… 
Dom & sub. 
Police captain & traffic cop. 
Soul mate & soul mate. 
As always, I can promise a raunchy read and a bumpy ride!
…Toxic relationships come in many forms. The worst ones are when you know the person you’re with is bad for you, but you just can’t let go. You need them. Like the air you breathe or the food you eat. They’re as intrinsic to you as your very self. 
It’s a sad twist of fate that those people are your skewed soul mates. 
I found mine and yet… he’s bad for me. So bad, it’s good…

To the world, Layla and Jack are nothing more than a part of the same Police precinct. Jack Merill is the Captain and Layla Rosenthorpe is low on the pecking order as a traffic cop. 
In private, Layla is Jack’s sub.
But Dom/sub is just a label, there is so much more to their relationship. Love, trust, then little things, complications that keep them apart. Minutiae, like Jack’s wife…
Finding a soul mate should be a cause for celebration. 
In this case, Twisted Souls cause more heartache.
Is there love strong enough to withstand the harsh realities of their life?
Find out, when part one of the Just Jack series is released! 
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