Rave Reviews #4


With 24 5* reviews on Goodreads and 12 5*s on Amazon, Can Be Gold is the final part in Mona’s Naughty Nookie tale. She’s dived, headfirst, down the rabbit hole; her life, her self-worth, her beliefs… they’re all slowly shifting, changing with each passing day. As she takes a final step into a relationship that will either be the making or the breaking of her…


We’ve seen Mona grow from someone who felt like she was invisible and a wallflower into a woman who is confident, full of self-esteem and comfortable enough with sex that she wants to be the middle of a Zane & Jake sandwich (and who could blame her lol).


Oh, and the sex. The absolutely breath-taking, raw and writing, down and dirty sex. Threesome sex. Manly love sex. Double penetration sex. Male on Male on Female sex. Stretch me wide and fuck me sex. Give me more and don’t stop until my knees are weak and I can’t remember my own name sex. Passionate, pure, and desperate. Sweet, deep and cathartic. All the good qualities of a great one night stand. Because let’s not forget, that’s how it all started.





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