IN HIS SILKS by Patricia Eddy!

As an Indie author, trying to pave your way through the rocky underbelly of the publishing world, you’d be surprised how many people you meet. Some pass you by and others stick. Patricia Eddy has stuck. A great reviewer and a brilliant writer, her new book, IN HIS SILKS, is newly released. And can I just say? How lush does Alexander sound? 😀

In His Silks Cover _SM

Alexander, what was it about Elizabeth that just clicked with you? 

From the first moment I spotted her, I knew there was something about her.  She was standing in the rain, clearly upset, but she had her head held high. She was stunning, but it was more than her beauty. I’ve rarely found a woman I could chat to that also aroused my deepest desires. Unfortunately, a man in my position tends to attract a certain caliber of socialite. One who does not put a premium on conversation.

How did you sense she was a sub?

She raced through the rain, trying to reach the tube station, but she fell and lost everything out of the cardboard box she carried. I picked her up and offered her a ride home.


I insisted. I do not like seeing a beautiful woman in trouble, after all. It was in my limo that I discovered her true nature. She refused to admit to me why she was sacked. At first. I had a sense that if I changed my tone with her—used the tone I prefer in the bedroom—that she would respond. And she did. Immediately. From that moment, I knew.

Attraction goes beyond sexuality… if she hadn’t been a sub, what would you have done? Attempt to convert her or back away…?

Truly, I do not know. I’m not convinced I would have pursued her at all. I like to think that I would have, but being a Dom is who I am. My last serious relationship was with a bird who was not as true or as strong of a submissive as Elizabeth. It ended poorly. She fell in love with me, but I, alas, did not love her.

Once I knew that I wanted a relationship with Elizabeth, however, I would have done almost anything to make it work between us. There are varying degrees of BDSM, after all. While I enjoy a wide variety of activities, I am fulfilled by causing a woman pleasure. We would have had more discussions about what she was willing to try. I do not need to bind a woman to a St. Andrew’s Cross. I enjoy it. Very much. But I am still fulfilled by light flogging and a woman in my silk blindfold alone. Few outside the confines of a mutually respectful BDSM relationship understand that there can be compromise. At least in some things.

Why are you a Dom? What makes that part of you tick?

Brilliant question. As I said, this is who I am. I was born with this particular need. I did not realize what it was until I was in my late teens in the Royal Army. The predilection runs in my family. My brother is a Master. Our late father was a very strong personality, but though she has never admitted it (much to my relief), I believe it was likely our mother who was the Domme in their relationship. I looked up to my brother growing up in England. He left for America with our father when I was a boy, but I endeavored to emulate him in many things. He knew of his nature much earlier in his life than I did.

Ultimately, I am a Dom because what I want most out of a scene is my sub’s pleasure. Her screams, her cries, her reddened flesh, is all that matters to me. The sight of a well-loved woman is the most arousing sight in the world. I enjoy knowing that I can bring a woman to the brink of release with only my hand against her arse or my flogger against her pussy. My own release is secondary to hers. Though I have rarely scened and not come.

Of the B.D.S.M. acronym, which one suits you best?

Bondage. It is what I enjoy most. Though discipline is high on my list as well. I do not allow my subs to disobey me without punishment and I admit that punishing Elizabeth nearly brought me to release without so much as a single part of her body touching my cock.

All of my implements involve silk in some manner. I use hemp and silk ropes that are designed never to chafe. The first night I had Elizabeth in my silks I did not remove her clothing. She was frightened, you see. It was new to her. The black silk binding her wrists together was a sight I have never forgotten. I wished, once, that I had taken a photo of her in that position, but then I realized I had no need. I will carry that lovely image with me for the rest of my life.

Do you have a safe word? Have you ever used it? How did you choose it?

Yes, I do. A responsible Dom knows the feel of all of his tools. I have another Dom, a friend, help me when I purchase a new flogger or crop or test out a new knot or rope configuration. Elizabeth was shocked when I told her this.

The choice of a safeword is deeply personal. Elizabeth’s is zucchini. I find that endearing. I encouraged Elizabeth to choose her least favorite food. I did this because that was what I did. My least favorite food is zucchini as well, but when I chose my safeword, years ago, I had another. Oatmeal. It’s too bloody healthy. I’d much rather have a proper English breakfast than that flavorless gruel.

I have used my safeword once. I asked Terrance to help me test a new flogger. Flogging is a sensual practice. You swing based on sight, sound, and feel. I felt little from his strikes, so I insisted he swing harder. Though he and I are not sexually attracted to one another, he was in the moment. The rush of power he received from striking a bound participant allowed him to forget, momentarily, that the toy was new and stiffer than his usual implements. He was new to being a practicing Dom at the time, only two years. I have never had cause to use it again.

Feeling jealous of Elizabeth? 😀 I know I am! Grab yourself a little sliver of Alexander this weekend:

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Some chicks have all the luck! 😉

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