Chris Westlake, author of the much-celebrated novel Just a Bit of Banter, Like, has just released his second book!
Rare Bits is a collection of twenty short stories, all with a gritty South Wales setting.

Chris says: “I’ve really tried to test myself with this book, venturing into the unknown. I’ve adapted my writing style for each story and I’ve covered a whole range of different genres, from drama to mystery, suspense and erotica. The stories reflect my own observations of the world as I see it, and I’m sure it equates to funny, if sometimes scary, reading!’

Chris has deliberately kept the price of the book low. It is available from Amazon as a Kindle book for 75p/99c. Chris wants as many potential readers to sample his work so that they can join him for his future endeavours, of which he plans many, including his second novel.

If you enjoyed the dark satire offered in Just a Bit of Banter, Like, then be sure to grab yourself a copy of Rare Bits.

The book pushes my comfort zone as a reader and aims to push the comfort zone of you, as the reader, too. The stories cover such a range of genres – drama, suspense, action, erotica, humour, mystery – that on occasions I’ve ventured into the unknown, drawing the reader along for the journey.
Some of the stories are dark, others are deep. Some are light, others are slapstick. They are all based in South Wales, continuing the theme from Just a Bit of Banter, Like. At all times my writing is sharp and observational. I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but I’m very proud of the results!

Having read Just a Bit of Banter, Like, I know how snarky Chris can be, and can’t wait to dive into his latest works!

Thanks for sharing the news of your new release with me today, Chris 🙂 Happy writing!


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