Naughty Girl!

I know I’ve been a very naughty girl of late, being sporadic with my blog posts the way I have, but… it’s all for a good cause. I promise!

Just completed a 96 thousand word whopper, which I have sent to some publishers. Hopefully, one of them will click with the story and will accept the submission! What a thrill that would be if that were the case! I’m so pysched about it.

This is a completely new series, and I’ve just started working on part two. Set in Paris, the tale revolves around a Lyonnais businessman with a huge eco-conscious, cosmetics company, a cytologist (scientist of diseases) and a cosmetic scientist. Yup, you read that right. Three of them. This series will all contain ménages! Love that genre, it’s my favorite!

I’ll keep you in the know if I hear anything from publishers. 🙂

And I recently hit 2000 Likes on Facebook. To celebrate, go on my Smashwords and you can grab 6 of my 8 books for free!



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