Ménage Material: What’s it all about?

The other day, I revealed Ménage Material’s cover. Tons of people agreed with me: the cover heroine’s bra is GORGEOUS! 😛 Where can I get one?! 
But, I digress.
Today, I’m going to reveal the blurb… and up until the release day, on November 11th, I’ll be sharing teasers, excerpts, and lots of other bits and pieces. 
I hope the blurb whets your appetite for more! 

Ménage Material
Book One: La Belle sans la Bête Series

Realizing there’s a third person in her marriage, Devvy Jacques is stunned. Discovering her husband’s lover is a man, she’s horrified. Learning that man is Alexei Ivanov, the internationally renowned scientist behind the cure for cancer, she’s…
Being part of a ménage wasn’t in any of her fairy tales as a kid, but the more she’s with hubby, Sebastien, and new lover, Alexei, the more she realizes it’s a dream come true.
Around them, between them, under or above them, Devvy flourishes, becoming the woman she was meant to be before life did a number on her.
With the ménage flourishing, and love growing every day, it takes a twisted blackmailer to derail it all. Raking up past secrets Alex wants to remain hidden, and exposing their unusual household to the world’s eye, the trio face enough challenges to unravel apart. 
Will life work its mischief or will they still have what it takes to be perfect, Ménage Material?  

from SERENA AKEROYD – #NSFW BLOG http://ift.tt/1p4qMS2


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