Claimed by Caden has been accepted by Siren Publishing!!

I’m incredibly proud to say that Siren Publishing has picked up my second novel, the first in a paranormal series, Claimed by Caden. I’ll have more information as and when it happens, BUT, I signed the contract the other day!!! Aagh. I’m so happy, still bouncing around because of it. 
It means that at the moment, I’m in the middle of a few on-going series. If you look on my site and on Amazon, you’ll notice that the Naughty Nookie series is no longer on sale and won’t be until I’ve finished revising it and the editor is done and dusted. As soon as they’re ready, then I’ll be sure to let you all know. 
My first book with Siren, Ménage Material, is also live on Amazon now. Yaay! You can pick up your copy for your Kindle and enjoy it this Christmas.
Thanks so much for all your support, guys. I really appreciate it. 



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