Merry Christmas to all…

…and to all, a good night!
Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season. May your days be merry and bright. 😉
On a totally selfish note, I have some awesome news. I received my cover for Claimed by Caden today. How marvellous is that?! Yikes!! Can’t wait for my cover reveal.
And…drum roll, please…I finished my next project! A sci-fi ménage, no less. At just over 76 thousand words, I’ve been scribbling like mad trying to get it complete before Christmas, and I’ve just this second finished!
So, to all my readers, and to the whole dang world, have a wonderful day tomorrow! Enjoy your families, the presents, and please, don’t argue. Life’s too short to get sucked into arguments on Christmas Day!
(After all, we only have-on average-75 of them!)
Lots of holiday smooches,



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