I’m so thrilled to be able to share this news….
Siren Publishing have just accepted my third novel-A Ménage Made on Madison! 
*cue girly screams*
To say this is a dream come true is the understatement of this very short year! 
What do I have to tell you about this new read?
Well, it’s a Sci Fi, it’s a Ménage, and, the heroes have…well…they have two of something.
I’m not going to tell you what.
That would only spoil the surprise!!!

Here’s the blurb!

For the last sixty years, Parker and Knox Baxx have been in love. Regardless of their cross-mating, she an Earthling and he a Shuzon, they’ve managed to create a successful partnership. In both the bedroom, and the boardroom.

Rich beyond their wildest dreams from the hotel resort they’ve constructed from scratch on the outskirts of Federation territory, there’s only one problem. Shuzons are part of a twin pair, and they share their mates. Without Rafer, Knox’s brother, Parker’s Earthling sensibilities are going haywire. Her body is experiencing a complete system shutdown, and she has only the one option open to her—to bind herself to Rafer.

The trouble is, he’s a high-ranking officer in the Fleet, the Federation’s armed wing, which ransacked and destroyed Earth. Secondly, he has enemies of his own. Thirdly, she doesn’t trust him.

Loving and being loved by Knox is no longer enough. Can Parker learn to trust Rafer with her heart, body, and wellbeing before it’s too late?

I’d love to know what you guys think, so get in touch!! 



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