Review: Rue Toulouse by Debby Grahl

Rue ToulouseRue Toulouse by Debby Grahl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have this weird thing as a reader. If it takes me a few hours to devour three-hundred pages, then yeah, this book is a winner. I can only consume so much because of a rocking story, and Rue Toulouse just did it for me.
Remi, the hero, yum, Caterine, the heroine, was a great chick.
They were relatable as characters, but more than that, I liked them. Caterine could have been a spoiled miss, but instead, she was a hard worker with tough ethics. She’d been dealt a crappy hand by her so called loving family, and she’d experienced tragedy from an early age.
Remi had a romantic past with socialites that made him wary, and it was understandable. But he wasn’t an A-hole with it, he was just really down to earth, and sexy. Oh, man, SEXY!
I don’t usually like reads that are light on the sex, but this one had it, just not in graphic detail. It suited the story, though, and it would have been gratuitous to have it any other way.
I loved the explosive early meetings between hero and heroine. Especially the super hot masquerade scene, and Debby did a great job of crafting these really hideous family characters. Lol. I mean, seriously, they were soooo horrible! You were rooting for Caterine from the very start.
I really enjoyed Rue Toulouse. And I loved the setting. I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans, and now, after reading this, I want to go even more! 😀

“I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.”

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