REVIEW: TIED by Piper Malone

Tied Book One: The Reign SeriesTied Book One: The Reign Series by Piper Malone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LADIES, you have found yourself a new Book Boyfriend.

OMG, I loved this book. The cover, I won’t deny, wasn’t offputting but it totally misleads you lol. You’re not sure what you’re going to read and then, BAM, it hits you and you can’t stop reading. All your plans go out the window and you just have to keep on reading this damn book to know what happens.
*sighs* What a lovely evening I’ve had 😀
This book is told in 1st person POV, switching between Reagan and Caleb. Personally, I’d have loved more interaction with Caleb, but then, *coughs* I would in real life. Haha. What a dish.
I’m such a huge fan of realism in books, and TIED was perfect. Seriously. It leads us from Reagan’s dive into BDSM, the slow and steady relationship between her and Dom, Caleb, and then, when Caleb’s in a military accident, the aftercare, the injury and the rehab.
Man, there were things in this book that killed me, but I can’t reveal because of spoilers. But, GRR, anything that kept these two apart, made me furious. I got very serious about this book and very quickly!
Wow, what a read. Seriously, pick this up, and READ it. If you don’t want a Caleb for your own by the end…well, wth is wrong with you?! 😀

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