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Do you love Vampyres and Shifters?
Ever wish they could be friends instead of foes?
Well, if that’s the case, The Angel’s Kiss is the book for you.

When Lyssa discovers her fiancé munches on his bodyguard to survive, and learns mankind’s survival rests on the shoulders of the supernatural creatures to whom she’s mated, what’s a girl to do but join in the chaos?

Sound like your kind of read?
It’s certainly mine. That’s why I wrote it.
The notion that Vampyres and Shifters could be more than just enemies intrigued me, and so, I created a universe with a very unusual way of making sure that happened…
The Angel’s Kiss explains it all.



Serena Akeroyd

RELEASE DATE: August 18th 2015

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: April Martinez

When Lyssa discovers her fiancé’s idea of a la carte dining is munching on Dima Vasin, his bodyguard…

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